New ‘Youtube Tags’ Feature -Introduced March 2013

Be sure to watch the YouTube Tutorial below to hear the best explanation!

Today, when I logged into my YouTube Channel, I noticed a new feature on my Video Manager page. It’s called ‘tags’ and it’s just a new way to see which of your uploaded videos have what tags. So instead of having to go into each video manually and see what tags it has, you can now do it this way. This is especially useful if you upload a variety of videos to your Channel (e.g. Gaming videos, Vlogs, etc.). This new feature is nothing spectacular but it might actually be quite useful. I think they’ve just introduced this feature due to the new YouTube Layout that is expected to be arriving very soon. As soon as the New Layout is released on everyone’s YouTube Channel, I’ll do a YouTube Tutorial about it to guide you through it. You can Subscribe to Outta The Box TV here!

Watch the YouTube Tutorial here to see what I’m talking about with this new YouTube Tags feature.



Here is a screenshot of the new feature. This was taken from the left hand side when you click on ‘Video Manager’ on your YouTube Channel.


Youtube Tutorial - New 'Youtube Tags' Feature

Youtube Tutorial – New ‘Youtube Tags’ Feature












Quick Reminder.

With the new YouTube Layout coming soon, you might like to prepare for  some of the new features. Such as the new Channel Trailer. I’d advise you to start planning out a ‘Channel Trailer’ and what you would like to do with it. I’ll put out a YouTube Tutorial soon to help you with it! 

Also, you will need to either make or get a new YouTube Banner made. I’d suggest going to  (no affiliate link) looking for someone to make a banner – All it costs is $5 so I personally think that’s a reasonable investment. At the same time, remember $5 isn’t going to get you a masterpiece so it might be wise to look around on other sites first. Again, I’ll put out a YouTube Tutorial, showing the size the Banner needs to be and other important points.


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