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Advertising opportunities for your business is now available on Outta The Box TV. Email me at for more information on this.



Outta The Box TV Consulting


Not only do I interview successful young entrepreneurs, but I also take the knowledge I’ve learnt from them and apply it in the real world with business & consulting! I have worked with developers, created apps, and made them go viral. I even Co-Edit a digital magazine dedicated to entrepreneurs that’s in the Hot Section on iTunes, called Fridge Magazine


In doing this I’ve built up a lot of skills in the following areas:

  • Apps (Marketing, Keyword Optimisation etc.)
  • Social Media (through my Outta The Box site & App Marketing)
  • Podcasting
  • SEO
  • Digital Magazine creation, Editing & Marketing
  • Knowledge on Kickstarter launches

I even had my first app go viral on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, had Emma Watson (The Harry Potter star) retweet the App!

Catbeard App - Outta The Box TV Consulting & young entrepreneur interviews



Crazy?! Yes I know! But hey, it worked! 





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If you need any help in these areas then fill out the contact form and I would be more than happy to chat with you!

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