Screenflow Tutorial video- How To Organise Video Clips Easily

In this screenflow tutorial video I’ll show you how to:

Nest clips together so you don’t have so many clips scattered around the editing area on screenflow.


I only found out about this the other day and it has helped me considerably. It has particularly helped me with the outro to my videos that has lots of little video clips, music,  and text stacked on top of each other.




Also, just a reminder, I another Screenflow Tutorial video and Youtube tutorials on my channel – so check them out if you’re looking to improve your youtube videos.

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They are available on:



Youtube Channel



Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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  1. i am now a big fan of outtathebox tv. expecting more tutorials and videos from you 🙂 like this screenflow tutorial.


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    • Thanks for the kind words! I’ll be producing a few more over the coming weeks!

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