Will Yang – Why Young People Should Start NOW in Business!

Will Yang, a young college student who saw a market for his online course, College Creed, that helps to tutor students though the college application process, shares his top advice for other hopeful teens who are looking to break into the business world. I think the title of this post really sums up this video, but hey, he really elaborates on that point.

Check out the quick, 2 minute video & let me know your opinion in the comments below.


Do you agree with Will?

Will Yang College Creed on advice for other young entrepreneurs. 



More info on Will Yang & his business…

Will started College Creed because he noticed that private college consultants were not providing access to high achieving lower to middle class high school seniors. College Creed is levelling the playing field by allowing top high school students to confidently craft their voice in the college application process through individualised and interactive support. Last year, College Creed helped 62 students gain acceptances into many of the USA’s top universities such as Columbia, UChicago, and Duke.

Back in early August 2013, Will Yang and his team launched their online course Master College Admissions: The Common Application on Udemy. In less than a week, they enrolled more than 500 students to become the #1 online course for tackling college admissions. As of today, they have over 700 students and are well on their way to 1,000. You can check out our website at collegecreed.com.

Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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