Businessweek’s Top Young Entrepreneur Under 25 in 2009 Sharing His Best Advice!

(Check out the 6 minute video of Christopher Jacobs sharing priceless info)


In case you don’t know who Christopher Jacobs is, he is an extremely successful young entrepreneur. If you want to hear more about him ,click here.

For this video, Chris shares his advice for other young entrepreneurs, to help you do as well as you possibly can in your business. I only like to interview & work with people who are doing credible things and Chris is one of them. That’s why I posted this video – because I believe it’s solid advice (plus he is mentored by a guy who is almost a billionaire) and he has grown up/ worked with top business people for most of his life.  

Christopher Jacobs – Honest Discounts Founder. 


Leave a comment below if this had any effect on you in any way. 

Maybe it inspired you to start something or to keep going with whatever you are doing. Just let me know!

Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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