Entrepreneur Mastermind – Trends – Cashing in on 3D Printing/ Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Paul McNeal (from JoinTBF) and I (John Whiting – Founder of Outta The Box TV) talk about some of the latest trends and how young entrepreneurs can capitalise on them.

For example,
– 3D Printing & Business ideas related to it
– Keeping your site up to date by making it mobile friendly
– Keeping up to date with trends + great sources to help keep you up to date!

We also talk about book, CASH IN A FLASH by Mark V. Hansen
The three principles to help make money quickly.

1st Ingredient. Secret Sauce: WOW NOW (Virtualization)

– Imaging with all five senses
See It
Feel It
Smell It
Taste It
Hear It
– Fast Forward Five Years

Q. Whom did I build it for?
Q. Why did I build this?
Q. Where did I build it?
Q. What did I build?
Q. When did I build it?

Unwanted Ingredient: FEAR

“Your dreams must be more real than your fears!”

DREAMS MUST EXCITE YOU! Keep you up at night 🙂


The other two principles are included in the Hangout!


Watch the Hangout here! 



I hope you enjoyed this Hangout! If you want to get involved with them in the future and join us for young entrepreneur hangouts, Sign Up Here and I’ll notify you when they are!

Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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