My View On Being A Young Entrepreneur

Honest Advice On Being a Young Entrepreneur


Stepping into the business world and being a young entrepreneur can be tough. There are a lot of characteristics you have to develop if you don’t already have them, such as: resilience, sickening work ethic, and plenty more. 

For me, I felt I had these skills since I basically transferred over from being a golfer to a young businessman (and in golf, you need a shitload of practice/work!). However, skills like networking I had to pick up fairly quickly. I guess it can be good to throw yourself in the deep end so you HAVE to learn this skills in order to move forward. It’s what motivates you to move forward, hustle, make shit happen. 

Sometimes you may even feel ‘where I am going?‘ or ‘what am I doing with my life?‘. I think everyone asks themselves this occasionally. For me, I try to enjoy every minute of life. I know, I know, it sounds corny, but that’s what I like to do. Especially as I’m only 21. I don’t set goals in stone because I think I’ll miss out on other opportunities if I’m just laser focussed on one thing. If I was laser focussed over the last year, I wouldn’t have:

  • Made an app about catbeards go viral
  • Have a magazine in top 10 section on iTunes
  • Worked on Kickstarters in the robotics industry
  • Met some seriously cool & interesting people who have turned into business partners & friends. 


Ok, I know that catbeard app was a little dumb, but, you know what, I don’t care, we got a response from Emma Watson, which was just hilarious!

Catbeard App! Honest advice on being a young entrepreneur



I have no idea where life or entrepreneurship will take me. 21 is a tough age to decide a direct path to anything in life. At 18 I was attending a college in the USA, thinking that I wanted to be a professional golfer for the rest of my life.  Personally, I hope I never stop changing careers, businesses , changing my home, changing countries, who I hang around with. I stopped trying to find a long term solution to exactly what I wanted to do with my life 1 year ago and just decided to enjoy the moment. This is a quote from a an email a friend of mine received from a very very successful business man  ‘Imagine yourself as the next Bill or Steve and in reverse’  The rest will take care of itself and it is a crazy roller coaster ride.


If anything, the best advice for young people looking to get into business I’ve heard so far from doing countless interviews is this.

….Find someone, an entrepreneur, who is working on an amazing startup (you’ll have to judge ‘amazing’ for yourself) and do what ever it takes to go and work for them, from moving across the country etc, literally whatever it takes. Then you can work for them, be involved in the whole startup process, see what it’s all about, except you are working on their dollar. You don’t have to go through the ups & downs financially…


And like I’ve said in previous blog posts, my thoughts on this my change on this in the future as I’m only 21 years old. But this has been advice from a lot of successful people I’ve spoken to. 


Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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