3 Top Tips From a Top Young Entrepreneur Who Turns Over $100k/ Month

Elliott Donazzan -  One of the top young entrepreneurs from Australia


21 Year Old Elliott Donazzan & one of the top young entrepreneurs in Australia shares 3 crucial tips!


Last week I interviewed Elliott Donazzan, one of the top young entrepreneurs from Australia. Elliott is a top young businessman from Australian who has had plenty of success in business over the last few years. His current business, One Cent Flights, turns over $100K per month.  From that interview, I decided to cut out  a snippet from it and make a new short video. Why? Because I think it’s some solid advice that everyone should hear and apply.

For those of you who want to hear the full interview, you can catch it here.

Anyway, I really encourage you to watch this short video. To me, from all of the interviews i’ve recorded over the last 9 months, I have to say that the advice Elliott shares really resonates with me.


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What do you think to Elliott’s advice? Do you agree with it?


Be sure to check out Elliott’s business and see what you think. In my opinion, considering they invested $500,000 in the site over 2 years, it’s an incredibly smooth site.




Also, here is a little more info on One Cent Flights…

One Cent is a unique online retailer for premium products such as flights (www.onecentflights.com) and wines (www.onecentwines.com). Based out of Melbourne, Australia, One Cent was founded in 2012 by Matt and Elliott Donazzan. The group launched its first online auction site, OneCentFlights.com in August 2012. Today, they have over 170,000 active users on their site. Elliott is also currently in the middle of launching & expanding this company into the Asian market. The impressive thing about this for me is seeing top young entrepreneurs like Elliott expanding worldwide, and not just focussing on one area. In the full interview, Elliott talks more about the differences in culture and why he has to consider that in the marketing plan. 


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Author: John Whiting

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