#2 Young Entrepreneur Hangout – How To Find Ideas for Businesses/ Importance of Networking & Other Things


 In this Young Entrepreneur Google Hangout we talk about a variety of things including;

  • How to find ideas for businesses
  • The importance of offline networking (Something I very much need to work on!)
  • And also discussing & helping each other develop their ideas

So relax, chill out and listen to this conversation! 

 Watch the Young Entrepreneur Google Hangout here!


By the way, these Hangouts are about to get WAY more structured packed full of even more useful content. These first 2 have been more of a test. There will be 4 Hangouts a month, each dedicated to something different.

  • BUSINESS CHAT – Discuss business principles, ethics, structure,etc.
  • PROBLEM CHAT – Provide advice to the attendees based on questions ahead of time that they might have.
  • NEWS CHAT – Provide information to the attendees based on latest global trends.
  • COLLABORATION CHAT – Brainstorm with attendees if they are trying to come up with business ideas.
  • They will be around 1 hour long.

These are the 4 Hangouts i’m planning on having per month. If anyone has an idea to make them even better, comment below or shoot me an email!


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Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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