Episode 56 – Rob Dunfey – Founder of Go Skate & Serial Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur, Rob Dunfey, joins me on Outta The Box TV to share his entrepreneurial advice & journey.  Rob has had some interesting experiences from dropping out of college to start a cleaning business and plenty more that you will hear in the interview (Including a funny story of how he set his first website up for his business!). He also shares his advice to other young entrepreneurs out there – which is to spread yourself over a few projects & not rely on just one. This is what Rob did & know he’s duplicated his business mode into other niches, which he talks more about in the interview. 

Rob Dunfey is the CEO and founder of Lesson Pro and Go Skate. In 2009, he started Go Skate as a nationwide marketplace for skateboard lessons. Two years later, he expanded the marketplace to other niches with TennisProNow, Golf Teachers, and other companies currently operating under Lesson Pro.


Catch the video version of the interview here or download the podcast version at the bottom…


I enjoyed talking with Rob as he seems like a very level-headed guy who works extremely hard on building his businesses and creating the life he wants. Let me know what you thought to the interview in the comments below. 


Connect with Rob Dunfey at these places:
LinkedIN:Rob Dunfey


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Author: John Whiting

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