Elliott Donazzan (One Cent Flights) – 21 Yr Old With A Business Turning Over $100k a Month!

Elliott Donazzan Is on Outta The Box TV For A Young Entrepreneur Interview About HIs BUsiness, One Cent Flights

Elliott Donazzan on Outta The Box TV


Elliott Donazzan is on Outta The Box Tv this week, sharing his wisdom, knowledge and advice for young entrepreneurs!

So, before you starting listening to this young entrepreneur interview, let me share some background info on Elliott and also some stats on his business that are incredible.

For 21 year old Elliott, he started his business career off in a similar way to many other young entrepreneurs; selling on eBay. He found this easy and discovered that selling video games via eBay was a particularly lucrative business. Australian retailers weren’t serving this market segment well (it cost $119 for a game that cost $59 in the USA) so he decided to buy the games from Asia at a cheap price, and then sell them for about $80 in Australia. From there, he went on to sell limited edition redemption codes. He had plenty of success with this, turning over $75,000 while in High School! I could have definitely done with that kinda cash in High School!

However, after a while, competitors quickly jumped in on that market and it became saturated. Elliott realised he’d have to look for a new potential business.   With a pilot as a father, he grew up travelling around many countries which is where he came up with an idea for an online pay-to-bid site, called One Cent Flights . In just under 2 years, One Cent Flights has generated over $100,000 in revenue every month and 170,000+ users. One Cent Flights also expanded from Australia into New Zealand, and within the next week or so, are planning to move in and conquer the Asian market!


Catch the Elliott Donazzan interview here or download the podcast at the bottom



So, in this interview we talk about a variety of things from:

  • How the idea for One Cent Flights came about
  • Dealing with failures & pushing past them
  • His best moment in entrepreneurship
  • His advice for young entrepreneurs on starting a business
  • How he became an expert in marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) through trial and error
  • The importance of tracking, testing, collecting data, and applying new strategies
  • Plus more!


Be sure to connect with Elliott and see his fantastic business for yourself. 

Links to Elliott Donazzan’s businesses:




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Listen to the Podcast here! 

Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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