Charlie Gasmire of Vendevor – Fail Fast, Cheap & Start Yesterday + Why You Should Learn to Code

Charlie Gasmire of Vendevor in a young entrepreneur interview on Outta The Box TV

Charlie Gasmire of Vendevor

Charlie Gasmire of Vendevor shares his wisdom this week…

(Interview further down the page) 


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Charlie Gasmire, a guy who has been an entrepreneur since selling lemonade and shining shoes at a very early age. He launched and ran four different internet marketing, consumer goods, and lead generation companies before co-founding Vendevor, a shopping cart and payment processing platform for small businesses, in 2012. 


In this interview, we discuss:

– Why Charlie’s other companies didn’t work

– Why Vendevor is working

– Why young people/ entrepreneurs should learn to code

– Don’t ever have the “build it and they will come mentality”

– Think about sources of distribution

– Fail fast and cheap and start yesterday

– And plenty more!


Video Interview here….


(More info on Charlie below) 


A brief background on Charlie Gasmire


At an early age, Charlie was fascinated with profit, even if it was cents. He started his first legitimate business during his sophomore year of college making barbecue sauce through a co-packer. That was a failure due to the”build it and they will come mentality.(He still has some of those barbecue sauce bottles left!)  


After pushing past that failure, Charlie then took a class on how to make money online and started a lead generation business in the wedding industry, trying to sell information of brides to the vendors for which they were looking (photographers, cake makers, etc). They quickly realized that they didn’t really care about weddings (not enough to try and make that company work), and also had a hard time setting up ecommerce (that’s what their web development company did) sites for businesses that already had a website. Charlie & his team really loved helping businesses but didn’t have a really quick way to set up a slick shopping cart that took virtually no development. So they went out and built it, and the result about 9 months later was  



Download or listen to the podcast here….

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