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Fridge Magazine

An interactive magazine based on entrepreneurship & lifestyle design…


For some of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook etc, you would have noticed that recently I’ve been posting a little about a digital magazine, called Fridge Magazine, that I co-edit with my friend, Henry Reith. So today I thought I’d finally get around to actually writing about the magazine and filling you in about it.

 To summarise Fridge Magazine , it’s an Entrepreneurial and Business Lifestyle Magazine that will help you to keep on top of the latest tech trends, marketing & sales practices, life hacks and productivity advice. We spent a few weeks designing the whole thing and even making it interactive so users can get the best experience from it.

Now we are beginning to bring in specialist writers who will provide you with some of the most up-to-date, no B.S. and relevant content.


Read below to see the 4 reasons why you should download this magazine


Fridge Magazine For Entrepreneurs And Enterprising People - Outta The Box TV Chirag Kulkarni Young Entrepreneur Interviews

Chirag Kulkarni In This Month’s Issue Of Fridge Magazine


1. Swipe & Deploy – Step by Step Guides Through the Latest Business Tactics and Workflows

This magazine is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have tried to include the most relevant information possible to really help you & your business grow. There are ‘How To..’ articles, entrepreneur features, business & technology news, and much more. Hopefully, you find the app incredibly easy to use and navigate. 

2. Lifestyle Design – Maximise your pleasure with practical health, fitness and fashion tips


As entrepreneurs, it really is important to stay healthy. If you are just working all the time, not watching you diet or rarely exercising, then ageing will hit you hard! Plus, being healthy is one of the best feelings in the world! So we provide information on ways you can stay as healthy as possible and allowing it to slip seamlessly into your daily routine.


3. Latest Software, Apps and Business Services to Help You Make Informed Decisions Where to Invest Your Precious Time and Business Resources.


Ok, this may sound a little boring, but in all seriousness, using the right type of software can completely change your business, free up your time, and much more. I’ll be featuring some of the software I use to run Outta The Box TV in the future that almost anyone who is using the internet to run their business can benefit from.


4. Enjoy The Fridge Experience – Premium HD Training and Workflows Video Embedded Right Inside the Magazine.


You can watch videos, inside a magazine, on your IPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. How cool is that?!? ‘Inside the magazine’ is the key phrase here. All videos are embedded into the magazine so you don’t have leave it to watch the video on Safari or other web browsers.


We created Fridge Magazine so you can have all of this, wherever you are, and on as many devices as possible, particularly Apple and Android.



Fridge Magazine For Entrepreneurs And Enterprising People - Outta The Box TV Chirag Kulkarni Young Entrepreneur Interviews              Issue 3!

Ryan Beltran featured in Fridge Magazine - A magazine for entrepreneurs and available on Apple and Android Devices         Issue 2!


Download The Magazine 

Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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