Why You Should Learn To Code

Why You Should Learn To Code – with Charlie Gasmire

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With technology advancing so rapidly, we need to keep up to date with what is happening in the world, but also keep our skillsets up to date and to constantly learn. I wrote a blog post about this last week, and I think this short video with Charlie Gasmire helps to show you why so many entrepreneurs believe in always learning and becoming the best possible ‘you’.

If you didn’t know who Charlie is, Charlie has gone through quite a few failures in business, until he struck success with Vendevor. Looking back over his business career, one of the things Charlie realised was important was learning to code and even just having an understanding of being able to build an online brand. 

And nowadays, if you have an internet connection, there are no excuses. Sites like Codecademy offer online coding classes for free! All it takes is patience, a will to learn, and time. I myself always try to keep up to date and develop my skills in my free time. (Such as learning a little Spanish from an app while I’m travelling somewhere). Maybe you might want to learn to code?


Hear Charlie & I talk about this in the short 1 minute video below…



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Author: John Whiting

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