The Importance Of Hustling & Constantly Learning

The Importance of Hustling And Constantly Learning…


Recently, I was talking with Mike Malloy, a young entrepreneur in the USA who is absolutely killing it in the business of selling sunglasses. (You can catch that interview here

It was interesting as, even though he says that he now has a Masters, he is still constantly learning. 

From learning:

  • New terminology in business
  • The best way to pitch his glasses to clients
  • Learning the best way to import his glasses while reducing taxes
  • And, in general, expanding his business
  • and many other things.

Every day he is learning something new, which I totally agree with! For myself, I recently just started learning Spanish using a cool app called Duolingo, just to keep my brain constantly learning and expanding. 

Another thing to mention, is how much you can get done between the hours of 7pm – 2am. Those are Mike’s hustle hours. For me, I find these hours crucial as usually no one disturbs me, so I can get a lot done! 


Check out the very short video here of Mike Malloy talking about these two things:


And also, this is a point I want to make, and I think it’s totally true.

Zig Ziglar Quote _ Outta The box TV

Zig Ziglar Quote _ Outta The box TV

Learning new skills can be hard. I know that. I was useless at languages at school. But now, after picking up Spanish using this app, I’m actually enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hard, but It’s fun. The 10 minutes of practice I put in everyday moves me forward, builds up the habit, and I get better. 


For me, I love constantly learning, developing new skills, especially as there are now so many places online where you can learn all of this. App development, languages, website design, all of this is at our fingertips. 


Let me know in the comments what you think to Mike’s comments.

Do you feel that you have to keep constantly learning?

What hours do you like to work?


Author: John Whiting

21. Entrepreneur. Host of Outta The Box TV

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