What is Outta The Box TV?


Outta The Box is a web TV Show showcasing some of the top young entrepreneurs from around the world (under 25 years old). 

I’m passionate about helping my peer group discover what is truly possible with the power of the Internet.   We are a gifted and talented generation, having grown up with computers and if we choose to be, can create a generation of entrepreneurs and create totally different lives for ourselves, compared to other previous generations. 

The Internet has opened up so many options for everyone. The world is changing rapidly. 3D Printing, Drones, robotics will change the face of the world. Jobs for life are also disappearing. In the western world, almost everyone has access to the Internet, a computer and a smart phone, giving you the power to reach a diverse range of people.

This website is here to showcase the young entrepreneurs who are making waves in the world, creating fantastic businesses that are creating awesome lives for themselves and also helping others. 

So to help you…

I interview some of the top Young Entrepreneurs who have created businesses and the life they have wanted where they share EXACTLY how they managed to do this!  

I’m focussed on bringing you awesome resources to help you on your way as an entrepreneur, along with some fun content on my blog!




Why I am Doing This

John Whiting

I’m John Whiting, an entrepreneur in my early 20’s who is obsessed with travelling, connecting with like minded people and building businesses.

When I was 19, I was living in South Carolina on a golf scholarship. I had worked very hard to get there and loved every minute whilst I was there.

However, looking back on my journey as a golfer, through club competitions and college golf I came to realize that college was not the path I wanted to take in life. I’m an extremely independent person and I question everything. To me, college didn’t make sense (And yes, I know, many people will disagree with me on that). Yes, it’s fantastic for the social experience but in terms of learning, I knew I could growth hack skills, network, and build businesses without it. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. 

So, with one college golf tournament win under my belt, I dropped out of college towards the end of my freshman year. I loved my life in America, and met some great people, created some fantastic friendships but I could see that college and golf was not the path I wanted to take in my life.

Coming back home to the UK led to 6 months of personal development and discovering what I truly wanted to do with my life. I am a hard worker, I demonstrated this with my golf, and I wanted to apply this to somewhere in my life where I could help people.

So I started to discover all these young entrepreneurs doing some amazing things at such a young age and creating the life they wanted.

Learning about this inspired me to go out into the  world and connect with some of the most successful people out there who created businesses like this.

I figured the best way to learn is to learn from the best. That is how the idea of Outta The Box TV came to me, which is all about learning from the best young entrepreneurs in the world. 

I hope you decide to tune in & connect with me